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Academy Workshop 4: Who Cares for the Therapist and How to Remain Well and Healthy While Careing for Others? Self Care Management in Theory and Practice by Using the Expressive Arts Approach
Monday, 4 November 2013, 08:00 - 12:00
Goudriaan Room II

Speaker: Peter Mai

Working in the helping profession we may feel a positive effect associated with our ability to help. But we may be also negatively affected by being directly exposed to the suffering and emotional stressful and traumatic events of our patients we have learned and committed ourselves to care for. But have we learned to care for ourselves as well while assisting others in their suffering and have we become aware of the occupational hazards inherent of our caring profession and which are unique to our work setting and personal vulnerabilities? And are we not too busy as multitasking professionals to helping our patients but failing too often to get off the treadmill ourselves and not practicing what we preach? Without attending to our own care, we might not be able to help others sufficiently and prevent harm to them and ourselves.

This workshop aims to make aware of the hazards of the therapists professional life and of ones own vulnerabilities while working as a therapist and will encourage self care activities to promote emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and well being, and finding healthier balance of caring for others and for ourselves.
Cultivating self care can lead to profound satisfaction of alleviating emotional distress, promoting personal growth, supports our emotional and physical health and well being and will help us to be better cares and therapists for our patients as well.

This half day experiential workshop will as well introduce the participants to the expressive arts approach to enable them to recognize their own self care needs and to implement effective self care measures.

Target Audience: Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, oncologists, nurses, palliative care and hospice clinicians, chaplains, trainee psychotherapists, physicians in training (psychiatry trainees/fellows, palliative care trainees/fellows, oncology trainees/fellows). This workshop would also be of interest to therapists and researchers of all disciplines who are interested in intervention development and self-care methods in psycho-oncology and palliative care.

Chair: Peter Mai, MD, Psychiatrische Dienste Langenthal, Switzerland