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Academy Workshop 7: Getting Published: The How, What and Where from the Editor of Psycho-Oncology
Monday, 4 November 2013, 13:30 - 17:30
Goudriaan Room II

Speaker: Maggie Watson

Getting published is a key to success.

We publish for a wide range of reasons: to help us get promoted; because we have something interesting to say or some interesting findings we want to share with our peers; because we want to change clinical practice; improve things for patients; because we enjoy writing; because we have to reach departmental publication targets; maybe we want to help younger colleagues; to be part of the research community; to increase our standing among peers; to help us get more research grants; to get a qualification…and maybe a lot more reasons.

Publishing is often a requirement of your job and so it’s something that has to be done well.

What do you do if your article gets rejected?
What style of writing do you use and why?
What should you include as standard in scientific writing?
What counts; quantity or quality?
How do you decide which journal to select for your article?
What do you know about guidelines editors use to decide what is good research?
You may have heard of CONSORT but have you heard of  -PRISMA or AMSTAR? What are they?
Have you heard of redundant publication, re-cycled text or Minimally Published Units (MPU’s)? Why does it matter?
What happens about plagiarism? What is self-plaigarism?    What are the rules about informed consent and ethical review?
What do you know about the processes journal editors use to deal with papers?

The publishing industry has gone through major changes in the last decade and how we approach publishing needs to keep up with these changes.

Come and find out how from the Editor of the journal Psycho-Oncology.

Target Audience: Cancer professionals wanting to understand more about the processes of how they get articles published in an academic journal and some guidelines on scientific quality.

Chair: Maggie Watson PhD, London, United Kingdom