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Academy Workshop 8: E-Health Development and Implementation of Internet Interventions in Psycho-Oncology
Monday, 4 November 2013, 13:30 - 17:30
Leeuwen Room I

Speaker: Lee Ritterband

The Internet is now a vital resource to hundreds of millions of people around the world, and its uses seem limitless. However, nowhere does it seem more useful than in the health care field. One area, in particular, where the integration and utilization of the Internet has skyrocketed is as a tool to deliver behavioral and psycho-social based interventions. These Internet interventions are usually derived from effective face-to-face treatments that have been operationalized and transformed for Internet delivery. They are often highly structured, but personalized and tailored to the individual user. They can be deployed as self or semi-self-guided programs, and most are interactive and enhanced with the multimedia capabilities of the Web.

Making behavioral/psychosocial/mental health treatment and prevention programs widely available on the Internet has obvious appeal. Delivering care in this way can help overcome many of the traditional barriers to providing care, including inadequate treatment access, limited trained clinicians, poor geographical distribution of knowledgeable professionals, and expense. They clearly have promise as an efficacious, scalable, and cost effective prevention and treatment option with significant public health impact. Furthermore, interventions can be delivered in a standardized manner with fidelity across a variety of settings. Outcome trials of Internet interventions have consistently demonstrated significant changes in behavior and meaningful symptom improvements.

This workshop will begin with a brief history (and end with a discussion of the considerable future) of Internet interventions. Similarities of Internet interventions will be presented, while also highlighting the substantial variations among programs, and differences between them and more typical websites. Information regarding the use of theory and behavior change models to guide Internet intervention development will be reviewed. Several Internet interventions will be shown in more detail as examples, including one designed for an adult cancer survivor population. Program features will be demonstrated and outcomes from clinical trials will be highlighted. Finally, attendees will have an opportunity to work as part of a small group on creating elements of an Internet intervention. This hands-on experience will utilize a developed flexible platform for developing and implementing these type of programs.

Target Audience: Anyone interested in the creation and use of Internet interventions for either clinical or research projects

Chair: Lee Ritterband PhD, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA