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Academy Workshop 16: Achieving Better Insights from Psycho-Oncology Research: The Analysis of Longitudinal Data
Tuesday, 5 November 2013, 13:30 - 17:30
Goudriaan Room II

Speakers: Richard Fielding and Wendy Lam

In many areas of health care, molecular genetics has provided new insights into characterizing diseases, ushering in the era of so-called “personalized medicine”, and prompting the U.S. National Institutes of Health to begin abandoning as outmoded the longstanding DSM system of classifying psychiatric and behavioural disorders on the basis of symptoms. Psychosocial theory and interventions generally, and in oncology particularly have not done a good job of adapting to newer methods for developing robust theory and investigating strong-evidence driven interventions.  The need for psycho-oncology to adopt more advanced data generation and analysis methods is pressing. This non-technical half-day workshop describes approaches to generate greater insights from psycho-oncology research using a rapidly developing method. Workshop attendees will be introduced to the topic through two main elements: First, a non-technical introduction to mounting shortfalls in psychosocial research using cross-sectional studies, group-averaged data and traditional approaches to sub-group or stratified analysis. Second, a straightforward introduction to growth mixture modeling methods as an example of alternative approaches to the analysis of longitudinal data will show how greater insights can be obtained over an above those seen in whole group methods reliant solely on regression or Analysis of Variance-based approaches.  Basic steps to developing and applying this method in psycho-oncology research will be covered.

Target Audience: This workshop will benefit researchers in psycho-oncology who are interested in exploring changes of patients’ health outcomes over time. The workshop is also of interest to those seeking to improve the development of psychosocial theory to inform advances in clinical practice, using longitudinal research designs.

Chair: Richard Fielding PhD, Hong Kong, China and Wendy Lam PhD, RN, Hong Kong, China