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Academy Workshop 17: Models for Survivorship Care - Supported by the European School of Oncology and the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes
Tuesday, 5 November 2013, 13:30 - 17:30
Leeuwen Room I

Speakers: Susanne Dalton and Jane Maher

The success of cancer research and treatment has transformed the experience of some cancers to what we are beginning to think of as a long-term, or even chronic illness, either as a result of the cancer itself or the consequences of treatment. In order to accommodate this, new models of care that meet the needs of cancer survivors are being developed with a goal of supporting cancer survivors to live as healthy and active a life for as long as possible. The workshop will be conducted in an interactive fashion drawing on the facilitators' substantial experience with development, testing and implementation of survivorship models. Presentations will be short and use real-world examples from our work with survivorship care models in the UK (in particular real world examples/hands-on experiences) and in Denmark (in particular research projects/development of models). The main part of the workshop will be dedicated to discussing how to best plan, develop and implement such models of survivorship care. Issues to discuss may include segmentation and risk stratification of patients/survivors, systematic approaches to points of transition and how to define tasks and responsibility for management: who should do what and how to ensure competencies and skills in survivors, relatives, and different members of health staff. Further we also will discuss how to organize the costs when tasks are transferred or introduced between different parts of health system; how to define and reach vulnerable patients and how to address the paradox of measured need versus wish for help.

Target Audience: Medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other health professionals interested in developing their skills and exchanging experience in survivorship care.

Chair: Susanne Dalton PhD, Copenhagen, Denmark and Jane Maher MD, London, United Kingdom