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Session A: Couple and Family Issues
Wednesday, 6 November 2013, 11:00 - 12:30
Goudriaan Room I & II
Chair: David Kissane
A-1 A pilot study of an intervention for couples to facilitate communication where one member of the couple has advanced cancer
Elizabeth Lobb*1,2, Lis Lane4, Judith Lacey2, Harvey Max Chochinov5, Brian Kelly6, Meera Agar7, Jane Mowll1, Matthew Links8,9, John Kearsley8,9, Winston Liauw8,9, Jodi Lynch8,9, Christina Brock8
1Calvary Health Care Sydney, Australia, 2The Cunningham Centre for Palliative Care, Australia, 3The School of Medicine, the University of Notre Dame, Australia, 4Illawarra Cancer Centre, Australia, 5Cancer Care Manitoba, Manitoba Palliative Care Research Unit, Canada, 6The School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle, Australia, 7Braeside Hospital, Australia, 8Cancer Care Centre, St. George Hospital, Australia, 9Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales, Australia
A-2 Psychological well-being and need for psycho-oncological support in spouses of laryngectomized cancer patients one to three years post-laryngectomy
Alexandra Meyer*1, Dorit Wollbrueck1, Judith Keszte1, Anja Mehnert1, Susanne Singer2
1Department of Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology, Germany, 2Institute of Medical Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics (IMBEI), Germany
A-3 Fertility and motherhood: Qualitative research among young breast-cancer patients
Efrat Dagan*, Suzi Modiano-Gattegno
Department of Nursing, University of Haifa, Israel
A-4 How helpful is dyadic coping to parents’ relationship during the pediatric cancer experience?
Lori Wiener*1, Elaina Vasserman-Stokes1, Haven Battles1, Caitlyn Loucas2, Anna Muriel2
1National Cancer Institute, USA, 2Dana Farber Cancer Institute, USA
A-5 Patients’ and Partners’ Expressed Emotion in Couples where the Woman has Breast Cancer
Linda Charvoz*1, Nicolas Favez2, Sarah Cairo Notari1, Bénédicte Panes-Ruedin3, Tania Antonini2, Jean-François Delaloye4
1NCCR LIVES, Psychology and educational sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2Psychology and educational sciences, University of Geneva, NCCR LIVES, Switzerland, 3NCCR LIVES, Breast Centre, University Hospital CHUV, Switzerland, 4Breast Centre, University Hospital CHUV, NCCR LIVES, Switzerland