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Dutch Cancer Society Satellite Symposium: Advances in Knowledge Translation in Psycho-Oncology - in collaboration with the Dutch Society for Psychosocial Oncology
Wednesday, 6 November 2013, 13:00 - 15:30
Oscar Auditorium

The Dutch Cancer Society and the Dutch Society for Psychosocial Oncology work on improving the accessibility and quality of psychosocial care for cancer patients. Implementing research results into clinical practice will contribute to an increase of evidence based psychosocial care. Translation is the buzz word.

Three distinguished speakers are invited to share their expertise and experience in knowledge translation:

- Dr. Melissa Brouwer, Mc Master University, Department of Health Sciences and Juravinski Cancer Centre, Toronto, Canada

- Prof. Robbie Foy, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, Leeds, England

- Prof. Martha Grotenhuis, Emma Kinderziekenhuis/AMC, Department of Pediatric Psychology and the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

The final programme will be available Midst September.

Chair: Prof. Anne Roukema