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Symposium 3: Post-Traumatic Growth, Progress at a Price and Patients as Policy Advocates: The Many Faces of Survivorship in Pediatric Oncology
Wednesday, 6 November 2013, 14:00 - 15:30
Rotterdam Hall
Chair:†Andrea Patenaude
S3-1 Cancer's Positive Flip Side: Posttraumatic Growth in Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivors
MicÚl Gianinazzi*1, Corina Rueegg1, Eva Bergstraesser2, Gisela Michel1,3
1Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM)-University of Bern, Switzerland, 2Department of Oncology-University Children's Hospital, Switzerland, 3Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy-University of Lucerne, Switzerland
S3-2 The Impact of Chronic Health Conditions on Neurocognitive and Psychological Functioning in Long-term Survivors of Childhood Cancer
Kevin Krull
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA
S3-3 The Romanian Example of an Active Adolescent†and Young Adult (AYA) Survivorship Community Impacting Clinical Practice with†Current Patients and Learning About Advocacy as a Special Interest Group†
Katie Rizvi
Little People Association, Romania and the Republic of Moldova, Romania
S3-4 Peer relationships and emotional adjustment in pediatric brain tumor survivors: Risk associated with intensive treatment and medical late effects
Kathryn Vannatta*1,2, Brian Misiti1, Jessica Clymer3,2, Cynthia Gerhardt1,2, Andrea Patenaude4,5, Maru Barerra6, Mary Jo Kupst7, Diane Fairclough8
1The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, USA, 2The Ohio State University College of Medicine, USA, 3Nationwide Children's Hospital, USA, 4Dana Farber Cancer Institute, USA, 5Harvard Medical School, USA, 6Hospital for Sick Children, Canada, 7Medical College of Wisconsin, USA, 8University of Colorado at Denver, USA