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Session E: E-Health
Wednesday, 6 November 2013, 14:00 - 15:30
Diamond Room II
Chair: Pim Cuijpers
E-1 A web-based collaborative care intervention for patients with advanced cancer
Jennifer Steel*, Kevin Kim, David Geller, Deborah Brower, Chelsea Philips, Josh Ordos, Wallis Marsh, Allan Tsung
University of Pittsburgh, USA
E-2 ‘Psycho-Oncology Online’: A New Approach In Psycho-Oncology Service Strategy
Tanja C Vollmer*1, Volker Beck2, Sandra Feldt3
1Institute of Applied Psychology in Architecture & Health, The Netherlands, 2Department of Social Science and Social Work, University of Applied Science, Germany, 3Berlin School of Public Health, University Hospital Charité, Germany
E-3 Developing an eHealth portal targeting survivorship cancer care: an user-centred design approach
S. Lubberding*1, C. F. Van Uden - Kraan1,2, W.J.M.J. Cuijpers2, C.R. Leemans1, I.M. Verdonck-de Leeuw1,2
1Dept. of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, VU University Medical Center, The Netherlands, 2Department of Clinical Psychology, VU University, The Netherlands
E-4 The Role Of Facebook And Twitter In Signposting People Affected By Breast Cancer To Relevant Information And Support Services: A Case Study Of Breast Cancer Care UK
Karen Scanlon*, Liz Carroll
Breast Cancer Care, UK
E-5 On-line assessment of psychological distress in breast cancer patients
Tania Estapé*1, Jordi Estapé1, Sara Soria1, Anna Díez2
1FEFOC, Spain, 2Institut de Medicina Predictiva i Personalitzada del Càncer (IMPPC), Spain