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Session F: Psychosocial Interventions
Wednesday, 6 November 2013, 14:00 - 15:30
Goudriaan Room I & II
Chair: Hanneke de Haes
F-1 Effects of a Nurse-led Psychosocial Intervention on Depressive Symptoms and Health-related Quality of Life in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Ingeborg van der Meulen*, Anne May, Wynand Ros, Miriam Oosterom, Gert-Jan Hordijk, Ron Koole, Rob de Leeuw
University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
F-2 The Efficacy of Cognitive Existential Couple Therapy (CECT) for Men with Early Stage Prostate Cancer and their Partners: Longitudinal Findings from a Randomised Controlled Trial
Anna Collins*1, Anthony Love2, Annette Street4, Sidney Bloch3, Gillian Duchesne1, Jeremy Couper1,3
1Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia, 2Victoria University, Australia, 3St Vincent’s Hospital and University of Melbourne, Australia, 4La Trobe University, Australia
F-3 An innovative website resource for meeting the emotional and supportive care needs of young adults coping with cancer
Karen Fasciano*1,2, Kelly Trevino1,2
1Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA, 2Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA
F-4 The Cancer Survival Index – a prognostic score integrating psychosocial and biological factors in patients diagnosed with cancer
Alexander Gaiger*1, Andras Acel2, Olivera Cenic1, Andrea Schrott3, Anahita Paula Rassoulian1, Cathrin Skrabs1, Heinz Gisslinger1, Christine Marosi2, Gerald Prager1, Gabriela Kornek2, Robert Pirker2, Günther G. Steger2, Markus Raderer2, Ingrid Simonitsch-Klupp4, Renate Thalhammer5, Christoph Zielinski2, Ulrich Jäger1
1Department of Medicine I, Division of Hematology and Hemostaseology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, 2Department of Medicine I, Division of Oncology, Medical University of Vienna, both Comprehensive Cancer Center,Medical University Vienna-General Hospital, Austria, 3Statistikambulanz KG, Austria, 4Clinical Institute of Pathology, Austria, 5Department of Laboratory Medicine, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
F-5 Effects of psychodynamic psychotherapy in depressive breast cancer patients on sub dimensions of quality of life and fatigue - a randomized controlled trial
Gregor Weißflog*1, Katja Leuteritz1, Elmar Brähler3, Yvette Barthel3, Susanne Kuhnt3, Barbara H. Imruck2, Christian Ruckes4, Rüdiger Zwerenz2, Manfred E. Beutel2
1University Leipzig, Department for Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology, Section Psychosocial Oncology, Germany, 2University Medical Center Mainz, Department for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Germany, 3University Leipzig, Department for Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology, Germany, 4University Medical Center Mainz, Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Trials, Germany