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Session G: Treatment Decision Making
Wednesday, 6 November 2013, 14:00 - 15:30
Leeuwen Room I & II
Chair: Katalin Muszbek
G-1 Decision making on preimplantation genetic diagnosis and prenatal diagnosis: a challenge for BRCA carrier couples
I.A.P. Derks-Smeets1, J.J.G. Gietel-Habets1, A. Tibben2, V.C.G. Tjan-Heijnen3, M. Meijer-Hoogeveen4, J.P.M. Geraedts1, R. van Golde5, E. Gomez-Garcia1, C.E.M. de Die-Smulders1, L.A.D.M. van Osch*1,6
1Maastricht University Medical Centre, Department of Clinical Genetics, The Netherlands, 2Leiden University Medical Centre, Centre for Human and Clinical Genetics, The Netherlands, 3Maastricht University Medical Centre, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology, The Netherlands, 4University Medical Centre Utrecht, Department of Reproductive Medicine, The Netherlands, 5Maastricht University Medical Centre, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, The Netherlands, 6Maastricht University, Department of Health Promotion/CAPHRI, The Netherlands
G-2 Attitudes to Chemotherapy in Elderly Women with early-stage breast cancer (AChEW): patients' experiences
Helena Harder*1, Rachel Ballinger1, Alistair Ring2, Carolyn Langridge1, Lesley Fallowfield1
1SHORE-C, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex, UK, 2Brighton and Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex, UK
G-3 Facilitating decision making of women considering breast reconstruction following mastectomy: Results from a randomised controlled trial of the BRECONDA web-based decision aid
Kerry Sherman*1,2, Diana Harcourt4, Thomas Lam2,3, John Boyages3, Paul Brown5, Linda Cameron5, Laura-Kate Shaw1, Caleb Winch1
1Macquarie University, Australia, 2Westmead Breast Cancer Institute, Australia, 3Macquarie University Cancer Institute, Australia, 4University of the West of England, UK, 5University of California, USA
G-4 The effect of decision aids on treatment decision making for breast cancer surgery: A randomized controlled trial
Wendy WT Lam*1, Miranda Chan2, Amy Or2, Ava Kwong1, Dacita Suen1, Richard Fielding1
1The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2Kwong Wah Hospital, Hong Kong
G-5 Psychosocial factors in medical decision making of the multidisciplinary team for cancer treatment - an observational study
Cordula Wetzel*, Stephan Seitz, Olaf Ortmann
University Medical Centre Regensburg, Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Germany