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Symposium 13: Innovative Data Collection and Data Sharing in psycho-oncology
Friday, 8 November 2013, 13:30 - 15:00
Rotterdam Hall
Chair: Neil Aaronson
S13-1 Improving Respons in PRO measures: results of the population-based online PROFILES Registry
Nicole Horevoorts*1,2, Pauline Visser1,2, Floortje Mols1,2, Melissa Thong1,2, Lonneke van de Poll-Franse2,1
1Tilburg University, The Netherlands, 2Comprehensive Cancer Centre South, The Netherlands
S13-2 Low SES and Mental Health Outcomes in Colorectal Cancer Survivors:   Using the PROFILES System to Conduct Cancer Survivorship Research. 
Michael Andrykowski*1, Mieke Aarts2, Lonneke van de Poll-Franse3,2, Floorjte Mols3,2, Gerrit Slooter4, Melissa Thong3,2
1University of Kentucky, USA, 2Eindhoven Cancer Registry, The Netherlands, 3Tilburg University, The Netherlands, 4Maxima Medical Center, The Netherlands
S13-3 Clinical applications of the ePOCS system: preliminary findings, challenges and implications
Penny Wright*1, Laura Ashley1, Angie Craig2, Emma Ingleson1, Dan Stark1, Krystina Kozlowska2, Galina Velikova1
1University of Leeds, UK, 2Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
S13-4 Sharing Data For Academic Use: Experiences From The PROFILES Registry Group
Lonneke van de Poll-Franse*1,2, Nicole Horevoorts1,2, Floortje Mols1,2
1Comprehensive Cancer Centre South, The Netherlands, 2Tilburg University, The Netherlands