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Symposium 14: Spiritual Needs of Cancer Patients
Friday, 8 November 2013, 13:30 - 15:00
Diamond Room I
Chair: Megan Best
S14-1 Spiritual needs of patients and the role of doctors in meeting them
Megan Best*1, Phyllis Butow1, Ian Olver2
1POCOG, University of Sydney, Australia, 2Cancer Council, Australia
S14-2 Suffering in cancer – conceptualization, assessment and interventions.  A systematic literature review.
Lynley Aldridge*1, Megan Best1, Phyllis Butow1, Melanie Price1, Helen Zorbas2, Fleur Webster2, Ian Olver3
1PoCoG, University of Sydney, Australia, 2Cancer Australia, Australia, 3Cancer Australia, Australia
S14-3 How do Australian palliative care nurses address existential and spiritual concerns? Facilitators, barriers and strategies
Robyn Keall1, Josephine Clayton1,2, Phyllis Butow*2
1Greenwich Hospital, Australia, 2University of Sydney, Australia
S14-4 Testing a new intervention for cancer patients to address spiritual concerns.
R. Kruizinga*1, M. Scherer-Rath2, J.B.A.M. Schilderman2, M.A.G. Sprangers1, H.W.M. van Laarhoven1
1Academic Medical Center,, The Netherlands, 2Radboud University, The Netherlands